Inka Lindergård and Niclas Holmström

Inka Lindergård, b 1985 (Finland) and Niclas Holmström, b 1984 (Sweden).
Live and work together in Stockholm, Sweden since 2007. Represented by
Swedish Photography, Berlin, Germany / / +4673 4402455.

Watching Humans Watching, 2011.
Published by: KEHRER VERLAG.
Texts by: Alexxa Gotthardt, Camilla Årlin, Dr Matthias Harder, Jonas Larsen.
Language: English.
Design:  H-T Nilsson & Rasmus Svensson.
200 x 245 mm portrait hardbound with linen cover.
104 pages.
80 fullcolour image pages, 24 bw textpages.
55 color photographs, 1 bw photograph.
ISBN 978-3-86828-267-2
Winner of The Swedish Photo book Price 2012.

13/ Therese Kellner - Becoming Wilderness.
12/ Winner of The Swedish Photo Book Price 2012.

11/ Heinz Stahlhut - Opening speech at Swedish Photography.

11/ Alexxa Gotthardt - Of Great Wonder.
11/ Dr Matthias Harder - Coloured Mirrors Pink Clouds.

Selected Exhibitions:
13/ September, Solo show, Swedish Photography, Berlin, Germany.
13/ April, Swedish Photography, SP-ARTE, São Paulo, Brazil.
13/ Becoming Wilderness (Solo show), Green is Gold, Copenhagen, Denmark.
12/ Swedish Photography, Context Art Fair, Miami, USA.
12/ Planket, Stockholm, Sweden.
12/ Swedish Photography, SP-ARTE, São Paulo, Brazil.
12/ To Sweden, Diplomat, Philadelphia, USA.
11/ Watching Humans Watching (Solo show), Swedish Photography, Berlin, Germany.
11/ Corso #3, Detroit, Stockholm, Sweden.
10/ Schwedische Botschaft, Berlin, Germany.
10/ Corso #1, Trikåfabriken, Stockholm, Sweden
10/ Moving Art, touring exhibition, Sweden.
10/ Re:public Service photofestival. Stockholm, Sweden (4x8m² projections and posters).
09/ Rotating gallery, New york, USA.
09/ Looking for Love, Moderna Museet, Studion, Stockholm, Sweden.
09/ Looking for Love, CFF, Stockholm, Sweden.
09/ Re:public Service photofestival. Stockholm (4x8m² projections and prints)
08/ Ode to the Animal. Capricious Space. New York, USA.
08/ Nyans. Vitabergsparken. Stockholm, Sweden.
08/ Retina.The Photomuseum. Sundsvall, Sweden.
08/ PUB house, Stockholm, Sweden.
08/ Summer reading, Capricious Space, New York, USA.

In Print:
12/ Harper's Magazine, September, USA.
12/ Fotografisk Tidskrift #4, Sweden.
12/ Swedish Photography, Two, Catalouge, Germany.
12/ Vidvinkel Magazine #3, Sweden.
12/ Bamboo, Brazil.
12/ Norr Magazine, Germany.
12/ Computer Arts, London, UK.
12/ Philosophie Magazine, Paris, France.
12/ To Sweden, Diplomat Pamphlet, Philadelphia, USA.
11/ Le Monde Diplomatique, France/Germany.
11/ PWR #6, Book, Germany.
11/ La Fotografia, Spain.
11/ BLINK Contemporary Photography Magazine #8, Korea.
11/ Photo Presse, Germany.
11/ Fotografisk Tidskrift #5, Sweden.
11/ Not A Toy: Fashioning Radical Characters, Germany.
11/ Kinki magazine, Switzerland.
11/ Wilderness Poster I, Turukame bookshop, Tokyo Artist Book Fair, Japan.
10/ Ein Magazin über Orte, No.7, Meer, Germany.
10/ I Love You Magazine, The fariy-tale issue, Germany.
10/ Re:public Service Photo Issue, Sweden.
09/ The Exposure Project Book Issue 4. USA.
09/ Vidvinkel Magazine #2. Sweden.
09/ The Collectors Guide to Emerging Art Photography #1. Humble Arts Foundation. USA.
09/ Motiv#14 The end, Sweden.
09/ Re:public Service Photo Issue, Sweden.
09/ DN, Looking for love, Sweden.
09/ PWR #1, Poster, Sweden.
08/ Capricious #8, The Animal Issue. A2 poster. USA.

Selected Web:
13/ Kopenhagen Artguide.
12/ SFF, Stefan Nilsson - Smart fotografi på nygamla vägar (in swedish).
12/ SFF, Fotobokspriset (in swedish)
12/ Conveyor, Aubrey Heys.
12/ Cargo Collective, Alexander Norton.
12/ Unless you will #20.
11/ TIME lightbox, Alexander Ho - Human Behavior: An Exploration of People Watching.
11/ Phaidon, Sally Ashley-Cound - Inka and Niclas change the landscape.
11/ Vidvinkel, Man and Nature Issue.

13/ Nominated to Grant, German Photo Book Award - Nominated 2013.
12/ Award, Winner of The Swedish Photo Book Price 2012, Sweden.
12/ Talk, Artist presentation and Book Event, Göteborg Book Fair, Sweden.

12/ CCNY Art Book Fair, New York, USA.
12/ Talk, Lecture and workshop, Photodeparntment, St Petersburg, Russia.
12/ Talk, Book Event, Motto, Berlin, Germany.
12/ Book cover, Hallon och Bensin, Blå Blixt, Ny Poesi, Brombergs, Sweden.
08-12/ Member, ELVA Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden.
11/ Turukame bookshop, Tokyo Artist Book Fair, Japan.
11/ Collaborations, Josefin Arnell, Sweden/France.
11/ Nominated to Grant, Foam Paul Huf Award, the Netherlands.
10/ Grant, Svenska kulturfonden, Finland.
10/ Talk, Artist presentation, Re:public service photofetival. Sweden.
08/ Grant, Stiftelsen Dialog, Sweden.