Inka & Niclas

Inka (Finland) and Niclas (Sweden) Lindergård is an awarded artist duo who works primarily with photography-based art. They have worked together since 2007 and live in Stockholm, Sweden.

The materiality of photography is crucial in Inka and Niclas Lindergård’s work which tells of the contemporary perception processes of nature and the connection of the photographic medium with the stylisation of landscape.
Bright utopian landscapes in their works address the spectators’ experience, making them notice not only the beauty but also the culture. An open portal to the hyperrealistic synthesis of beauty, kitsch and visual desire in the language of photography.

They exhibit and are published internationally on a regular basis. Their work are included in the permanent collections at Moderna Museet (Sweden), the Gothenburg Museum of Art (Sweden), Fries Museum (The Netherlands), the Public Art Agency (Sweden) and Arendt & Art (Luxembourg) as well as in private collections in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, France, UK, Switzerland, Slovakia, Portugal, USA, Canada, China, Brazil and Puerto Rico. They were awarded the EMOP Arendt Award 2021 and are represented by Dorothée Nilsson Gallery in Berlin.


Their book ‘The Belt of Venus and the Shadow of the Earth’ (2016, Kerber Verlag) revolve around performative photographic acts that can only be experienced through the photograph, an investigation into the of the act of taking a photograph and the camera’s role as a bridge between the physical world and the photographic. It was awarded the Swedish Book Art Award 2016 and nominated to The Swedish Photo Book Price 2018.

The jury’s reasoning:
A book of photographs that burn and glow together with the elements and the earth. The cover stone surface turns into a rainbow whose colours pours over the edges. Readable despite the extremely wide format. Exciting text blocks on the final pages.

Their first book ‘Watching Humans Watching’ (2012,  Kehrer Verlag) won the Swedish Photobook Price 2012 and were nominated for the German Photobook Price in 2013.

The jury’s reasoning:

Inka & Niclas Lindergård bring new life to landscape photography and the way we look at the intersection between humans and nature. With their unconventional and associative style and an imagery, that is simultaneously historic and contemporary, they approach nature as the Big Unknown. The playful book design conveys personal as well as surprising perspectives.